New exhibition at the Lucca Center of Contemporary Art

The Lu.C.C.A .: Lucca Center of Contemporary Art museum will host from 25 January 2020 until 31 May 2020 the new exhibition "Stories of the twentieth century in Tuscany. Soffici, Viani, Rosai, Maccari, Marcucci, Venturi: from the return to order to the conquest of disorder ", curated by Maurizio Vanni and Piero Pananti. The exhibition will...
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Murabilia 2019

Murabilia: Looks to the East, Japan


The 6th -7th -8th September will be held the 2019 edition of Murabilia, the exhibition market of gardening held annually on the Walls of Lucca on the ramparts of San Regolo, La Libertà, in the botanical garden and in the underground of...

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The “Lardo di Colonnata” feast 2019

Feast of Lardo di Colonnata: a unique flavor.


From 21st to 25th August the feast of the "Lardo" will be held in Colonnata, it will be possible to enjoy this typical Tuscan product right in the village where it is produced.


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“Calici di Stelle” in Tuscany 2019

Goblets of stars 2019: A toast under the stars.

30 / 07 / 19 From 2 to 11 August the wineries of all Italy will participate in "Calici di stelle 2019". Tastings, events and shows will be organized during the night, to admire the shooting stars while sipping excellent wine. This event, organized by the Wine Tourism Movement and...
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Lucca Summer Festival 2019

Lucca Summer Festival: a summertime full of music.

25/06/19 The Lucca Summer Festival stage returns to make music from June 28th to July 29th. There will be a line up of artists from the national and international scene who will fill Lucca's summer with music. Among the names stand Ennio Morricone (June 29) and Elton John (July 7)...
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Discovering Vinci

Vinci, a village to explore

04/06/19 Vinci is an unique medieval hamlet, nestled in the Tuscan hills, seen from afar it has the shape of a ship with the trees represented by the bell tower of the church of Santa Croce and the tower of the castle of Conti Guidi, for this reason Vinci is known also...
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The medieval festival of Lucca

Discover the colors and flavours of the past.

31/05/19 Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 June, in the gardens of the Ex-Cavallerizza in Piazzale Verdi, will take place medieval Lucca, the festival of the Middle Ages. There will be stands of artisans, re-enactors, crossbowmen and the medieval table in the gastronomic area where the famous Aquilea soup will also...
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Open Wine Cellars 2019

Open cellars: discover the culture of the wine.


On the weekend of May 25th and 26th the wineries of the Tuscan Wine Tourism Movement open their doors to the public.

It will be possible to visit the cellars and vineyards, taste...

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International Museum’s Day

May 18th is the international day of the museums and for the occasion many of them will be open with extraordinary hours even in the evening and can be visited free of charge. In Lucca you can visit the city museum "MUST", the Italian Comic Museum, the Birthplace House of Giacomo Puccini, the National Museum of...
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