Moon in teh city – From the Historical Walls to the Moon

Moon in the city Lucca is the first guided event with virtual reality experience in Lucca and will focus on the story of the conquest of the sky passing from the Lucca walls to the moon landing.

There will be guided tours that will be held from the 11th of September to the 4th of October, that will make you experience a journey in space and time that will allow you to discover the walls of Lucca and the Apollo 11 mission through the use of virtual reality, all while the musicians of the Lucchese Music Association will accompany you with live music.

The tour will start from the Casermetta di San Paolino on the Baluardo San Paolino of the Urban Walls of Lucca, from Thursday to Sunday with departure at 21:00 starting from the 11th of September until the 4th ofOctober.

All participants of Moon in the city will have at their disposal an Oculus viewer for virtual reality that will allow you to immerse yourself in 360-degree environments, in space and back in time where you will relive July 20, 1969 when the American and Russian astronauts conquered the sky.

The event will respect the anti covid-19 measures, social distancing will be carried out and the virtual reality viewers will be sanitized at the beginning of each guided tour.

For more information on the event and to buy tickets visit the official event created by Lucca turismo.

If you need to reach Lucca in total comfort and safety, contact us to organize a taxi service.

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