Lontani Così Vicini Lucca Fest – Festival on Contemporaneity

The Festival in Lucca from 7 August to 6 September 2020, Piazzale San Donato, Cavallerizza meadow – 9.00 pm

A festival under the stars will be held that will make you reflect on the actualization of memory and contemporaneity. It is the first edition of “Lontani cosi Vicini Lucca Fest – Festival on Contemporaneity” which will be repeated every summer to animate the Lucca summer.

Born on the idea of ​​the municipal administration, the Historical Institute of the Resistance and of the Contemporary Age and the House of Memory and Peace, with the collaboration of Liberation Route Italia and Biblioteca Civica Agorà, the festival will bring beautiful stories and famous names to Lucca at a national level that will offer you reflections on memory, contemporaneity, music and current events, and will take place in the lawn of piazzale San Donato right in front of the former Cavallerizza.

There will be eight evenings, between 7 August and 6 September 2020, which will illustrate testimonies of work and commitment to give dignity to stories to tell the story.

How to participate

All appointments start at 9pm.
Admission is free subject to availability: to participate, you must book via email by writing to distanticosiviciniluccafest@gmail.com. Reservations are taken up to 9 pm the day before the event.

Information, updates and further details on the Facebook pages: Casa della Memoria e della Pace Lucca and Comune di Lucca.

If you need to reach Lucca we can offer you a taxi service, Click here!


August 7, 2020
“La difficile giustizia”
The Italian Republic and war crimes with Marco De Paolis and Gianluca Fulvetti

August 13
“Le fabbriche della memoria”
the Lucca factories as places of collective memory with Andrea Ventura, Federico Creatini, Stefano Lazzari

August 28
“Un attimo, quarant’anni”
Lives and stories of the massacre at the Bologna station on 2 August 1980 with Daniele Biacchessi

August 30
“Black Music Matter”
from soul to rap, fight and protest music with Alberto Castelli and Michele Boroni

2 September
“Bob Dylan: pioggia e veleno”
the prodigious balance between poetry, protest and vision of history with Alessandro Portelli and Lorenzo Mei

September 4th
“Il mondo è una prigione” – Conversation with Luciano Luciani
5.30 pm – Agorà Civic Library
Following, piazzale San Donato:
”Ultime lettere”
with Giulia Perelli, Cristina Puccinelli, Giulia Lippi, Alberto Paradossi, Nicola Fanucchi
“Il mondo è una prigione”
with Marco Brinzi and Luca Giovacchini

September 6
“Piazza Fontana. Il processo impossibile”
with Benedetta Tobagi

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