Carrara best creative destination of 2020. Discover it with our tour of the marble quarries!

Carrara best creative destination of 2020. Discover it with our tour of the marble quarries!

Carrara won the Creative Tourism Award for the best creative destination of 2020; a city that can be discovered during our tour of the marble quarries!

During the event, which awards international prizes to tourist destinations and the most creative projects; Carrara was chosen by an international jury from 97 destinations that had applied from all over the world.

The Councilor for Culture and Tourism Federica commented: “This prestigious certificate shows that we are on the right path: we know that we are only at the beginning of a long and not simple journey, but after the recognition that arrived in 2017 with the inclusion of Carrara in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, we have made another progress. This award must give us the push to do always better to optimize the unique resources that our territory can offer, in the name of a past of creative excellence in the field of stone working, but also of a present in which creativity animates the economy and city tourism development can and must become one of the tools to relaunch our city “.

The choice of Carrara.

Creative Tourism Awards, created by the Creative Tourism Network, reward projects, tourist destinations and companies all over the world who are committed to promoting a new generation of tourism: creative tourism. The Creative Tourism Network works with prestigious international experts to determine the best practices of creative tourism and ensure compliance.

In addition, the jury focused on other aspects such as the adequate creative tourist offer that promotes local culture; involvement of local communities in project management; urban regeneration and the reuse of private and public spaces to organize creative activities in the historic center making Carrara more vital. This was achieved thanks to the relaunch of the city center with the project Carrara Si-Cura.

Another of the many important reasons that the jury of the Creative Tourism Awards has underlined is that the city, already famous worldwide for its enormous artistic and historical heritage and also for being a source of inspiration for important artists such as Michelangelo, Bernini and Canova , has managed to reinvent its traditional tourist offer.

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