Vinci a village to discover

Vinci, village to explore

Vinci is an unique medieval hamlet, nestled in the Tuscan hills, seen from afar it has the shape of a ship with the trees represented by the bell tower of the church of Santa Croce and the tower of the castle of Conti Guidi, for this reason this village is known also as “Castel della Nave”.

This village is the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci, the famous Renaissance inventor, artist and scientist, in fact you can find there the birthplace’s house, the Leonardian library and the Leonardo museum.

Now is the ideal time to visit the museum, as the “Leonardo a Vinci. The origins of the genius” co-organized exhibition with the Uffizi museum and the Florence State archive is held until October 15th; it will be possible to admire his first drawing, many of his machines, and his studies on water and his engineering works.

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