New exhibition at the Lucca Center of Contemporary Art

The Lu.C.C.A .: Lucca Center of Contemporary Art museum will host from 25 January 2020 until 31 May 2020 the new exhibition “Stories of the twentieth century in Tuscany. Soffici, Viani, Rosai, Maccari, Marcucci, Venturi: from the return to order to the conquest of disorder “, curated by Maurizio Vanni and Piero Pananti.

The exhibition will be divided into six personal exhibitions, composed in total of about 80 works including drawings, statues and paintings, and will develop in the 8 rooms of the Lucca Center of Contemporary Art.

“Stories of the twentieth century in Tuscany” starts from the assumption that the tradition, the identity of the territory never question the strength of the past; so even when they seem to violate it they actually reconfirm it. Twentieth-century Tuscany combines tradition and avant-garde, evolution and classicism, finite and infinite, conquest of disorder, return to order.

The twentieth century for Tuscan art is a fertile period in which futurist experiences are overcome, intellectuals and artists review their thoughts regarding the Avant-garde; therefore reassuring answers are sought anchoring to the past. A moment in our collective history in which we look to the past to rediscover national identity in culture and act as a glue for Italians in front of the rest of the world, and that deserves to be deepened.

The Lucca Center of Contemporary Art is a museum of contemporary and modern visual art. It is based in Lucca via della Fratta 36 in the historic center inside the Boccella palace, a sixteenth-century building.

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